Does MS Have a Cure – It Depends on What You Mean By the Term Cure

Once a person is diagnosed with the neuromuscular disease multiple sclerosis, the first question that he is likely to ask his doctor is “Does MS have a cure?” The most common medical answer to this question is likely to go something like this, “We don’t even know what causes MS, let alone have a cure for it.” At this point most patients are given pamphlets and information about the disease and what they have to look forward to as it progresses.What Do You Mean You Don’t Know What Causes MS?For many people the idea that the medical community has no idea as to what actually causes multiple sclerosis can be hard to swallow. Modern science is supposed to know what causes everything so that they can answer questions like, “Does MS have a cure?” without batting an eye. If they don’t know what causes this debilitating disease how can they possibly cure it?It is true even over 110 years after MS was first diagnosed; science has not been able to pinpoint a cause. They have several theories, but nothing cut and dried that they can definitively state is the root cause of this devastating disease. Perhaps if they could find the cause they could come up with a viable cure.So What You’re Saying Is That There Is No Cure?Not quite, what I am say in answer to “Does MS have a cure?” is that the scientific community to date has only managed to find a series of medications that may or may not help with the symptoms of MS. They do not offer any type of cure and in some cases can make the problems worse. However, there is another less well known choice.Many people with multiple sclerosis will tell you that their answer to “Does MS have a cure?” would be an emphatic yes. The difference lies in their description of a cure, to them a cure is anything that can provide long term relief, stop the progression the disease. How does this sound to you? This cure is as simple as changing the way you eat. Many people are finding that a healthy diet rich in organic fruits, green leafy vegetable and lean meats along with ocean caught fish not only shuts down their symptoms, but it stops the progression of the disease in it tracks, if this isn’t a form of cure then I don’t know what is.

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